Cycle Carriers

Bike Carrier Showroom in Tonbridge, Kent – Click here to view our rental bike carriers.

We sell a range of bike/cycle carriers (this page shows only a sample) many of which we have on display in our showroom including Thule, MaxxRaxx, Pendle & Witter – a selection of the most popular models are shown below. We also sell and hire roof bars, boxes and snow chains. Just follow the links in the footer below to view our other websites.

We also stock Thule rear-door and roof-top cycle carriers (some shown below), call us for details or use the fit guide and contact us for prices and availability.

Cycle Carrier Repairs:

We repair bike racks, where possible and cost-effective. For cheaper carriers it’s not always worthwhile and spare parts may not be available, but for more expensive carriers parts are usually available and repairs are economical relative to the cost of replacement. Costs: £40 initial assessment to include 30 mins labour, then if required additional parts/time in addition at £75 per hour.

We will usually need the carrier left with us for a few days, certainly if it’s not a quick fix or requires spare parts to be delivered.
Note: With apologies we cannot replace bulbs for free.

Cycle Carriers:
Thule 970 Xpress

Thule 970 Xpress Hang-On 2-Bike Carrier (£70)

Thule Hang-On 4-Bike Towball Carrier

Thule Hang-On 3-Bike Carrier (£109) & 4-Bike Carrier (£139)

Pendle 4 Bike ‘Behind Towball’ Cycle Carrier

Pendle 4 Bike Flange Fixing Cycle Carrier (£135)

5 Bike Towbar Carrier

MaxxRaxx Flange Fixing 5-Bike (£280) & 4-Bike (£255)

MaxxRaxx Swan Mount

MaxxRaxx Swan/Ball Fixing 5-Bike (£365) & 4-Bike (£340)

Summit 4-Bike

Summit 4-Bike (£239)
(Flatpack +£30 to setup)

Thule Ride-On 3-Bike Towball Carrier

Thule Ride-On Carrier 2-Bike (£195) & 3-Bike (£235)


Thule Euro-ride Carrier (non-stock) 2-Bike (£259) & 3-Bike (£309)

New! 3-Bike Carrier

Velocompact 2-Bike (£325)
3-Bike (£399) 4-Bike (£524)

Thule Euroclassic 3rd/4th Bike Adapter

Velocompact/velospace Extra Bike Adapter (£125/£130)

Thule Easy-Fold

Thule Easy-Fold Folding Carrier 2-Bike (£549) 3-Bike (£649)

Thule Velospace 918

Velospace XT 2-Bike (£469)
3-Bike (£539) 4-Bike (£669)

Backspace Box

Thule Backspace XT Box (£475) on Velospace Carrier

Thule Easy-base Multipurpose Towball Mounted Platform (£190)

Thule Easybase Multi-purpose Platform (£199)

Thule Easybox mounted on Easybase Platform

Thule Easybox (£399) mounted on Easybase Platform (£199)

Thule Easybag (mounted on Easybase platform)

Thule Easybag (£209) mounted on Easybase platform (£199)

Thule 532

Thule 532
Roof-Mounted (£59)

Thule 598 Pro-ride

Thule 598 Pro-ride
£105 Silver; £115 Black

Thule 561

Thule 561 Out-ride
Roof-Mounted (£115)

Thule Thru-ride

Thule 565 Thru-ride
Roof-Mounted (£165)

Thule Upride

Thule 599 Up-ride
Roof-Mounted (£169)

Thule Raceway 992

Thule Raceway (Rear-Mount)
2-Bike (£295) & 3-Bike (£325)

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