Price Guide

Guide prices given below are to show approximate cost (including VAT) for supply & fit, actual prices vary.

For an exact quote please contact us.

Electrics (Options):
Towbar Types Universal 7-PINUniversal Twin/13-PINDedicated 7-PIN Dedicated 13-PIN 
Fixed Flange£320-500£380-560£400-700£450-800
Fixed Swan-Neck£330-550£390-610£410-760£470-800(+)
Detachable Swan-Neck£400-700£460-760£450-800£470-800(+)
Detachable Flange (not recommended)£400-700£460-760£450-800£490-800(+)

Fitting Times
We operate AM and PM fitting slots (8.30AM – 14.00PM & 12.00 – 17.30PM). Some towbars take take 6 hours or more to fit therefore we would need the vehicle for a whole day.

* Not all of these towbar types are available for all vehicles.
* Dedicated = Vehicle Specific (Wiring); Universal = Generic Wiring. More info on wiring options.
* Prices are approximate for simplicity, actual prices vary.

Popular Accessories & Extras:

1. Cycle Carriers (New) or For Hire.
2. Towballs: Al-Ko/High-Reach (£20); Pin & Ball Towball (£49).
3. Adapters: 13-7PIN/7-13PIN (£12.50); 13PIN-Twin/Twin-13PIN (£34.95)
4. Bumper Protectors: Black or Chrome – Fixed (£14.95)