Please empty your boot before attending for a fitting!

By booking a fitting with us you are agreeing to the terms and conditions here.

The warranty on the towbar and electrical equipment is subject to manufacturers conditions and the warranty for the electrical installation is 5 years, subject to conditions including statutory inspections as detailed on the warranty certificate (issued on completion of a supply and fit job). Any damage, misuse or modification to the electrical system will not be covered by this warranty. All warranty work will be carried out at our premises by appointment and must be authorised by us prior to work commencing. See also: Use & Care of Your Towbar. The warranty on detachable necks is only 2 years in most cases, due to the moving parts and again this is subject to inspections and proper use conditions.

Once a booking is agreed, any cancellations incur a £50 charge to cover lost workshop time and return of the bar to the manufacturer (i.e. the deposit is forfeited). To postpone a fitting there is no charge if 48 hours notice is given, otherwise the deposit is forfeited. Two such postponements with 48 hours notice are understandable, a third postponement regardless of notice period forfeits the deposit.

Confirmation emails – not receiving a confirmation email does not excuse you from the terms and conditions of booking shown here, if you have not received an email you were expecting please call us and/or check your spam folder and then call us if necessary.

We allocate slots of time in the workshop for each fitting job. If you are late we may not be able to complete your fitting that day, so please keep us informed if you are delayed.

Caravans (and other appliances) have a tendency to blow fuses after periods of storage, this is usually a simple fix and not an indication of a problem with the wiring of the tow bar – in case of any doubt please call us and if appropriate we will arrange a check-up of the electrics.

For cars where rear light cluster removal is required the cluster sometimes blows a bulb in the days following removal due to being unsettled, again a quick fix and we will replace a bulb in this circumstance free of charge within 7 days of our fitting.

Bumpers & Sensors
Whilst we take great care when removing and replacing the rear bumper on vehicles, we cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing faults with the bumper or the parking sensors mounted in the bumper. We also cannot be held responsible for any non-factory fitted items – this includes after-market reversing sensors, reversing cameras, bumper protectors or styling-trims.

Reporting problems and complaints:
Any issues can be reported by phone or email. For complaints please email to info@kenttowbars.co.uk so all correspondence can be recorded.